Online Barre Certification

Here's what you will get: 

  • A certification to teach barre anywhere without having to travel anywhere!

  • All the tools needed to become a professional barre instructor, including online manual, online videos, and live teaching feedback.

  • After finishing the course you will be able to format a barre class for all levels

  • You will learn hands on corrections, modifications, and advanced variations

  • Playlists and choreography are included and you will learn how to teach with beat matching

  • Live chats and forums during the training which allows you to ask questions, practice with other instructors, take live classes, get coaching, take quizzes, and etc.

  • Includes, Twelve months access to the online manual, playlists, exercises and choreography, plus studio referral, bio/headshot on the website, a Barre Vida tank, and a barre instructor family to join!



The Certification Course takes about 45 hours to complete. You will be required to submit teaching videos, to do one live teaching class with invited students, and to pass the final exam. There are no additional fees once you sign up, however you need to have access to online, a videoing device, and fitness equipment including but not limited to light dumbbell weights, a ball barre, fitness mat, resistance bands. A ballet barre is not needed as a chair can be used, however it is helpful to be able to access a barre at some point in the training.

The Online Certification has closed for Summer. We are finishing up a current course and will re-open the certification in the Fall. Because of the certification requires live video feedback and instructor interaction it is not open on a rolling basis. This is so the students can get the most attention! We will do the same for you! Leave your email to get notified when it opens again in October!

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I am so excited have completed the Barre Vida Certification. I love that the Barre Vida exercises are made to be adaptable to just about anyone. Through many intense hours of work-shopping and practice teaching ,it definitely has challenged me to expand ways of learning, communication, and movement.”