Barre Vida began in 2015 when Joanna Stone (aka Jo), founder and director, saw a need for a barre class that was open for all fitness levels and abilities.  A barre class that focused on proper form and alignment but still had that tough barre burn. She created Barre Vida to be adaptable to many different workout environments (even those without a barre) so that alternative spaces such as schools, universities, condos, and community centers could enjoy the benefits of a barre workout. Soon after Jo started teaching, the demand grew for Barre Vida, but there is only one Jo Stone. The Barre Vida teacher training then began and it morphed into a full barre instructor certificate program  soon after.  Today, Barre Vida certified instructors, have the ability to teach Barre Vida classes or any generic barre class.  Joanna states that she wanted to spread barre to everyone and provide employment opportunities. One of the benefits of a barre certification is that one can teach a few classes a day, make a good income, and still focus on other aspects in their life.  A dancer once herself, Joanna trains many dancers to teach Barre Vida.  Jo states,"it is good for dancers to teach Barre Vida because they are able to find flexible work with a steady income that also allows them to go to auditions, perform in shows, and go on tour.






Creative Director and Sustainability Coordinator

Eva graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Comparative Literature and has extensive experience in branding and strategy for both non-profit and for-profit organizations (in addition to a brief stint as a vegan chef). Eva is the creative director at The Cliffs, an indoor rock climbing company based in New York. She leads The Cliffs' creative and marketing teams and is an advocate of diversity in climbing, conservation, and sustainability in climbing gym operations. Eva is also the founder of Green Action Force, a project dedicated to reducing the use of disposable plastics. Eva is excited to help Barre Vida with her expertise and energy. She is a huge fan of the mission and the workout!

Eva is passionate about animals rights, environmentalism, and social justice and works closely with Barre Vida on defining its visual branding and stratgey that remain true to these ethics. She as also worked with FFAC, an organization that addresses each of these facets as it relates to factory farming. 

After just one class with Joanna I was hooked on barre. After several classes, I noticed changes I had never seen before with any other type of excersice. So when the opportunity arose to train with her for certification, I jumped on it! And I am so happy I did. Now I get to share my love for barre with others, while reaping the benefits of barre myself.
— Dinie Uminer