Barre Vida. Movement is Life.


The mission of Barre Vida® is to bring movement to every life. 

It is a total body workout open to women and men of all fitness levels that blends  the original Lotte Berk method with exercise science, Pilates, and dance.  Barre Vida is a low impact toning class that predominantly works the slow twitch muscle fibers to result in a toned body, higher endurance levels, increased core and joint stability, and body fat reduction. Barre Vida uses isometric and isotonic exercises with small hand weights and other modalities. Barre Vida will improve posture, give muscle definition, increase flexibility, and encourage weight loss. It can be done in a studio with or without a ballet barre. The class is built with a specific playlist in which the BPM matches the movements in the exercise to work the muscle properly and make the class fun! Expect to have fun and leave sweaty!

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Watch this video if you are interested in becoming a Barre Vida Certified Instructor! Hear what recent grads have to say about WHY they chose Barre Vida, What they learned, and HOW Barre Vida is different from all other trainings. Plus learn about the Barre Vida training!

Barre Vida offers quality barre instructor training that prepares instructors to teach barre fitness to all levels. Instructors receive training in slow twitch muscle and isometric movements that are signature to the barre method as well as anatomy,  breath with movement, teaching with the music, and injury prevention.  Graduates can start teaching immediately, become part of the Barre Vida network, and get their photo/bio up on the website . Join us and keep movement as life!


“I am so grateful for the The Barre Vida Instructor Training because it started my career in fitness.”

— Michelle Applebaum


Workout Online Videos


Hi! This is a new arms exercise description. It can be done to music with about a 90 BPM song. Some tips: engage the core, keep the neck relaxed, keep upper and middle back in the foam roller. Do it with me in the, "BARRE VIDA ARMS ON THE FOAM ROLLER WITH MUSIC" Video.