All of our AMAZING instructors are Barre Vida certified. They teach Barre Vida and other barre or fitness classes in their area.  Want to join the team?  Recognized nationwide, a certification from Barre Vida is accepted in gyms, studios, and fitness boutiques. Teach Barre because movement is life!



Founder and Master Instructor

Founder and Master Instructor

Joanna (AKA Jo) Stone

Hi, I'm Jo and I created Barre Vida based on my knowledge of barre workouts, dance, fitness, and physical therapy exercises. Understanding the body from within (somatic awareness) is my research. Educating others to understand their bodies is my job. Empowering students to reach their personal fitness and health goals is my passion. Dance is my art. Barre Vida is an extension of my personal mission to bring movement back into life starting at the barre. I am fitness instructor certified with AFAA, a RYT, and have an MA and BA in dance.

Master Instructor

Master Instructor

Michelle Applebaum

 Michelle Applebaum was born in Rome, Italy. She completed her dance studies in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance with a Ballet Diploma at the Balletto di Roma school. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts in 2011 and her Master of Science in Performing Arts in 2014. and then moved to New York City. She currently dances, teaches and choreographs with Dance To The People and MJM Dance. She enjoys every bit of being a Barre Vida instructor. She wishes for everybody to feel good in their own bodies and experience the joy of working out.

Master Instructor

Master Instructor

Gianina Casale

Gianina Casale was born in Argentina and raised in Texas. She began dance training at the age of seven and continued at Booker T. Washington HSPVA. Casale received her B.F.A. in Dance from The University of Texas at Austin in 2017. She is currently a Brooklyn-based freelance choreographer and a performer with Dance Theater X. As a Barre Vida instructor, she aspires to connect her passions in movement, health and wellness, and self-empowerment. Her approach to teaching is a student-centered one, and she believes that by nurturing our bodies, we simultaneously improve our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, ultimately creating a more positive outlook on life.

Master Instructor

Master Instructor

Chanah Hecht

Chanah Hecht is a dancer and a barre fanatic. She has been doing barre for over six years and teaching it for around three. Mainly she works with personal clients on their own fitness needs, adding in the Barre Vida method when it helps a client get stronger or head an injury. She is looking forward to training other students to be Barre Vida instructors and to spread the barre love!



Autumn Oftedal is from Yakima, WA and graduated cum laude with her BFA in Dance at Cornish College of the Arts. After graduation Autumn traveled through Central Europe attending Impusltanz and Tans im August. This inspired her to move to NYC. Occasionally she performs on the streets of NYC, bringing a mix of performance art and dance to the public. Autumn is currently teaching ballet, beginning tap, and general fitness.

As a strong believer in movement being a part of everyday life, Autumn looks to inspire a joy of movement within her clients. She believes there is nothing more important than getting moving, whether it is to fuel a serious passion or just for fun after a day of work or study. Autumn’s main goal and challenge is to inspire people to desire an active lifestyle.


Dinie Uminer is a Barre Vida instructor with a passion for teaching proper form and movement patterns and keeping her students motivated to get the most out of their workout sessions.

Dinie knows the challenges of juggling health and fitness goals with work and family, and admits the struggle is real but can be overcome with planning and determination.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, she is proud to have called Brooklyn her home long before it was cool!

For health and fitness tips, follow her @coachingandmotiv18 on instagram.


Miu Soda

Miu began her dancing career in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. She is also a roller skater and comic. She teaches Jazz dance and Hip Hop, and is trained also in House, Modern, Contemporary, Salsa, Tango,Vogue, Geisha Vogue,Japanese Dance, Karate and Marcial Arts. she enjoys collaborating with different groups of performing ensembles including Dance to the people, with whom she's been a member since 2015. Miu's choreography, dance routines, and Barre Vida Barre Classes display her strength in rhythm, expression and show great stamina. She also appeared on "America's Got Talent" TV show as Miu GaGa. when she realized she also wanted to teach Barre Vida, miu signed up to learn! She loves the barre vida method and always adds a fun spin to class, like dancing at the end!


Hi! I’m Kiki (Kitana Andrews). I am a NSCA certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, Barre Vida Instructor, & the founder of Sweat CultureNYC.

I’ve learned through my ongoing journey in fitness: there isn’t one perfect body type, fit comes packaged in many different shapes, and there isn’t one way to achieve your goals.

I want to share what I’ve learned with people; I want to be a part of the fitness journeys of many.

To me there is nothing better than seeing a client progress in strength, build confidence, and transform their body and mind as they smash goals and create new ones.

Sometimes life does get in the way and we fall off the wagon. I want to be that person who picks you up, dusts you off, and helps you back on.


Veronica Farje

Veronica Farje specializes in realigning patterns of movement as a means to strengthen the whole being, releasing patterns that no longer serve, and building physical and mental strength to move beyond current limitations. Veronica has been teaching since 2002 as well as maintaining a private practice. She is a nationally certified group fitness and yoga instructor, Barre Vida certified barre instructor, and a personal trainer. Her many specialties include Vinyasa, Yin, and Therapeutic Restorative Yoga; mat Pilates; barre; endurance training; and TRX suspension training.
Veronica is also a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist who loves to move, especially to dance.


Johanna Lucas

A Midwest girl at heart, Johanna Lucas is originally from Iowa, but has made Brooklyn her home for the past 4 years. Classically trained in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance from a young age, Johanna spent her childhood and young adulthood in dance studios and competitions, as well as competing throughout her high school years. Although she did not pursue collegiate training in dance, Johanna has always maintained the importance of dance and fitness as part of her lifestyle. Having spent the last 5+ years working in the corporate marketing space, Johanna has recently pursued a handful of health and fitness ventures to bring fuller meaning and purpose to her work, including work as a health coach and other new fitness certifications, including barre. A true nature junkie, Johanna loves exploring the city but also escaping it to enjoy all the beauty that the outside world has to offer.


Maya Zeigler

Maya S. Zeigler was born and raised in Georgia and is now in New York to pursue work as an artist and educator. She studied Dance as an undergraduate and is interested in the ways that dance, fitness, and holistic wellness can support people’s bodies, whether dancer or not. Maya is passionate about learning and growth, and works as a teacher, arts administrator, and childcare provider. She enjoys the ways that barre helps strengthen and rejuvenate the body, and hopes to help students fulfill their potential and have an amazing time in class!


Talley is originally from Arkansas, where she studied dance for 12 years (especially tap!). She holds both a BFA and MFA in acting and has studied clowning, stage combat, Laban, Grotowski, and LeCoq movement techniques, as well as the Alexander Technique. Living with a back arthritis, Talley knows first-hand how barre and yoga keep the body lithe and strong, and also how essential good form and technique are. She believes the integration of body and breath informs how we live, communicate, and pursue our intentions. She’s also very silly. Motto: Fail with pride!


Deborah Bailay

Deborah Bailay received a BA in Biological Sciences from Indiana University where she also pursued ballet teaching studies in the Ballet IU's School of Music. She trained in a variety of modern dance techniques, and practices yoga and meditation. A professional ballet teacher for over 35 years, her former students have joined NYC cultural institutions such as The Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company and The Juilliard School of Dance. She is the Director/Founder of In Grandma's Attic, an alternative children's fantasy dance program. Deborah believes in the many important benefits of a Barre Vida practice, especially to strengthen and revitalize the body. Whatever your personal fitness goals, Deborah has found first-hand that a Barre Vida barre class is not only a great work-out in a supportive, friendly environment, but also a fantastic way to start, re-charge, or end your day!


Sophia Pellegrom

Sophia Pellegrom was born and raised in Minnesota (dontcha know) and is a proud graduate of Barnard College where she majored in Dance and Psychology. She has danced classical ballet since the age of 5 and is now a contemporary and swing dance enthusiast, along with any style she has the chance to try out. Sophia is a NASM-certified personal trainer, goes to the gym religiously, and wants to share her love of working out with everyone! When not in the gym or taking classes, Sophia enjoys cooking for 4 hours on a Sunday, watching scary movies, Harry Potter everything, concerts, travelling, and cutting mango.


Ríagáin Lynch

Ríagáin Lynch first discovered her fascination for movement through martial arts practice.
After seeing the rate of injury among martial artists, she realized the importance of safely and intelligently training the body to build stability and body awareness, and making exercises accessible to people in all walks of life.
Ríagáin believes firmly that yoga and barre classes are an excellent way to safely train and build strength both physically and mentally as it challenges muscular engagement and the mind-body connection.
Ríagáin teaches yoga and barre classes at Twisted Bodies Pilates and Yoga in Denton, TX, and is available for private sessions throughout most of North Texas.



Fabricia is part of The New Brazilian Choreographers, an University trained dance teacher, including styles from classic ballet to acrobatics. She has been teaching Pilates for nineteen years, on top of dance for twenty seven and working with people of all ages. Living in NYC since 2006, teaching at PRNY, CPBURN, Equinox and now at the brand new UESFITNESS.


Bethany Celeste

Bethany Celeste discovered her love for fitness when she became a lifeguard at Texas Woman's University while earning her MS in Family Therapy. Bethany is certified through Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200. Additionally, she is also a certified Level 2 Aerial Yoga Instructor. Bethany has spent over 10 years working in aquatics & fitness. When not training, she enjoys experimenting with kitchen chemistry & baking, amateur blogging, & spending time traveling with her husband & their giant German shepherd dog, "Bear."


Molly Hart

Molly Hart is from Denton, Texas where she received a BA in dance and minor in education with a certification for dance in grades 6-12 at Texas Woman’s University. Molly has studied and trained in various dance genres which include modern, ballet, tap, and jazz. Molly has presented her work in University shows, as well as performed in different cities across Texas. Along with her extensive dance training, Molly is currently working towards her master's degree at TWU to further her knowledge in dance education. She hopes to build self-confidence, individuality, and growth in her students through dance and fitness.



KaCee is a DFW based dance instructor, performer, and choreographer. She began her dance exploration at Svetlana Stanova's Ballet Academy, which pushed her to pursue more dance training by attending Arlington Heights High school. There she was introduced to jazz, contemporary, modern, and so much more. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Anthropology from The University of North Texas. She creates dynamic choreography that is inspired by the growth she has seen throughout her journey and the growth she hopes to see in the future. She is on the path to becoming a Physical Therapist. KaCee hopes to use the knowledge she received from her Barre Vida Certification course to aid her dancers in their pursuit of success in their dance careers.


Kat Lubek

Kat Lubek, born in MOscow, Russia, began dancing at the age of 6. She continued her training in the U.S. , where she also performed in varieties of shows including the stage of Lincoln center and symphony theater. she was featured for a gnc ad in turkey, bloomberg buisinessweek and instyle magazine in the U.S. Besides performing, kat teaches ballet and barre vida barre classes.



When she’s not at her day job of leading the non-profit division of a successful marketing and sales promotion agency, Marla enjoys teaching a variety of exercise classes or private lessons. She takes a non-judgmental approach to exercise & believes, “As long as you’re moving and having fun, you will improve your health. " Recently having the empowering experience of Barre Vida certification, Marla is also accredited by ECITS as a Personal Trainer, by Power Pilates as both a Beginner and Intermediate Mat Class Instructor and by YogaFit as a LevelOne Trainer. Marla incorporates fitness tools to make the workout more fun and interesting. As a result, her students look forward to exercising rather than it being a chore. Marla looks forward to guiding you through a thoroughly enjoyable exercise experience.


Kimberly Barrera

Kimberly is an Application Support Engineer in NYC and a huge gym rat! She has always been intrigued by fitness and got herself involved in pole dancing, rock-climbing, cross-fit and TRX. However, Barre Fitness was the one she fell in love with and decided to get certified after taking a few classes in NJ & NYC. She plans on continuing to explore through fitness, since it is something she highly enjoys.



Carlos is excited to be joining the Barre Vida Team. He is a Zumba instructor and had a passion for fun fitness! Catch him at Body Elite teaching Zumba or Subbing The Barre VidA classes. be ready to sweat!!



Originally from Canada, Rachel grew up training extensively in ballet- training at Canada's National Ballet School and receiving Distinction on all Royal Academy of Dance examinations. At 16, she moved to New York City after being accepted at the Joffrey Ballet School. She danced with the Joffrey Concert Group, touring the US extensively. Rachel completed the prestigious Alonzo King Lines Ballet Training Program and is now a freelance dancer and actor in NYC. Rachel teaches ballet at various studios in the tri-state area and is also teaches therapeutic dance classes to hospitalized children. Rachel is so excited to be a BarreVida instructor and to share her passion for movement and fitness!